About SleepFROG Products

Experience the pure comfort of nature with our premium organic sheets. Crafted from 100% fully certified organic cotton, these sheets offer a night of serene sleep wrapped in the gentle embrace of sustainability.

Sleep Naturally. You’ll probably spend about 250,000 hours in bed over your lifetime. Breathe easy and rest peacefully knowing that your bedding is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials. Our organic cotton sheets are breathable and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for sensitive skin.    

SleepFROG linen also has a generous shrinkage allowance to allow for flexible temperature washing – great for allergies!

 “I am sensitive to chemical fabric treatments. SleepFROG sheets are one of the few products that are consistently fine for me”.   J S 

How do they feel? SleepFROG products combine the nostalgia of Grandma’s sheets with the natural goodness of organic cotton.  Imagine the comfort of slipping into bed and feeling the weight of quality sheets made from quality thicker yarn. 

Our percale has a smooth, matte surface that offers a crisp, cool sensation against your skin, and that will gently soften over time. 

 As one customer commented “It’s feels like a clean sheets day – every day!” 

What style is the fabric?   SleepFROG has a percale style weave, which weaves horizontal threads between vertical threads in a regular manner.  It is a tighter thread weave than twill or sateen,  which offers greater durability.  Our bedding items maintain their quality even after multiple washes.

The weave is highly breathable:  Our percale cotton allows air circulation, to help you regulate your body temperature.  This is especially good for hot sleepers. Breathable fabrics help people sleep better, contributing to healthier sleep patterns and overall wellness.

After washing, this style of fabric of fabric will have a gently rumpled  look that can be embraced in its natural state or ironed if you prefer.

“They look like they need ironing, but I don’t care – I just put them on the bed. They are a great fit and I love how they feel” – Annie  D

The thread:  The Thread used in the weave is quality single ply, long strand thread, woven to Aus/NZ standard thread count of  300TC per 10sqcm. (240TC USA/UK).   Single ply thread is not split- offering better quality, greater breathability and a smoother feel.

Sleep soundly, knowing you are making a difference:  SleepFROG fabric is specifically woven for us in India, and has OKEO-TEX and Global Organic Textile standard (GOTs)  certification for every batch of fabric.  GOTs certification follows your cotton through the supply chain to ensure social,  environmental, healthy inputs and practices. Proudly manufactured In New Zealand, your products are crafted by skilled people in your local communities.

Read more about our suppliers here.

What can you choose? You can choose our generously sized  fitted sheets, flat sheets,  sheet sets, duvet covers and pillowcases with two colour options – a wedgewood-like blue or white.    SleepFROG fabric is yarn-dyed, ensuring a higher quality finish and better colour fastness. Of course, all dyes used are GOTS-approved.    

 Eco-Friendly, Gift-style Boxed Presentation : Your products will be sent to you in sustainable cardboard gift-box style packaging, with eco-printed labels and re-purposed ties.  Any courier bags or outer boxes used will be fully recyclable, re-purposed or compostable.

Sleep easy, sleep natural

Buy your favourite organic bed linen with SleepFROG.