About Our Suppliers

Our SleepFROG Fabric Supplier

We are proud to collaborate with our organic fabric supplier. Established in India for almost 20 years, they deliver quality, certified goods that support farmers and their villages. Their mission is to promote organics, eco-friendly methods, and fair-trade practices. 

They have years of participation with a premium fair-trade project, which has provided practical support for local farmers and their families including:

  • organic seed distribution
  • financial support to self-help groups
  • Clean drinking resources
  • educational scholarships for children of farmers.

Their manufacturing facilities are internationally ISO accredited for safety compliance, quality standards and management practices. Their multiple certifications include:

  • GOTs - global organic textile standard
  • fair trade
  • OKEO-TEX 100
  • BCI – (Better cotton initiative)
  • ethical trading initiative
  • recycled claims standard

 The fabric they weave to our specifications for your SleepFROG bed linen is OEKO-TEX® & GOTs certified for every batch.


Fairtrade, BCI and GOTS symbols

This combination of traditionally farmed organic cotton, quality single ply thread, ethical social practices, and modern certified manufacturing, brings you superb organic fabric that is safe for the workers, safe for you, free from harmful chemicals, organic and green.

Our New Zealand Manufacturing

As a boutique business we share our manufacturing resources in Aotearoa. Once our SleepFROG fabric arrives on our shores, it is stitched into products for you by skilled local craftspeople.

Sewing machinist at work -sewing SleepFROG product

Our sewers supply quality goods to major organisations and boutique designers and have worked with the SleepFROG brand for 12 years. They are highly skilled and experienced craft people, who work locally and live in our local communities.

With a history of emphasising quality without waste, our manufacturing team have been pioneers in using natural and organic fabrics to provide specialised products. They are committed to providing our customers with quality goods designed with the well-being of Kiwis in mind.

Hands assessing fabric - sewing

Local manufacturing provides kiwis with employment, training and social connection. We know who has sewn your sheets, pillowcases, or duvet covers. Our SleepFROG tailors have your well-being at heart, and we are proud to support them by manufacturing in New Zealand.


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