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You may have questions about our products, product care of organic fabric. Check out our FAQs below

Product Care Questions

Can I wash my sleep frog bed linen in hot water? 

  • Yes, you can wash your bed linen at up to 60°C to kill dust mites and bugs. 
  • Please note: cotton is a natural fibre so hot washing may result in more shrinkage; however our generous allowance for shrinkage will let you wash your sheets at 60° if you need to, and your sheets will still fit your bed.
  • Please note: organic dyed fabric may fade more quickly if hot washing
  • Read our product care page here

Can I tumble dry my SleepFROG sheets?

  • Yes, you can tumble dry your SleepFROG linen at a medium temperature.
  • Please note: cotton is a natural fibre, so we don't recommend a very hot tumble dry as this could result in excessive shrinkage. Click here for full care details.

Can I bleach SleepFROG white fabric?

You can bleach or whiten your SleepFROG products. We recommend you used natural products to brighten or whiten your SleepFROG organic bed linen such as baking soda, vinegar or even 3% hydrogen peroxide.

These types of natural bleach products can brighten your whites and are not as harsh or as environmentally damaging as traditional chlorine based bleaches.

For more details on how to use these products, see our useful laundry tips blog here.

Should I use fabric softener?

  • Adding Epsom salts to your wash is a good way to soften your water and reduce detergent build up in both your bed linen and your washing machine. Generally, use 1/2 cup per full washing machine load.
  • Epsom salts can offset water hardness created by minerals such as calcium & magnesium. They are fully biodegradable and can be bought at most supermarkets.   
  • Commercial fabric softeners can also be used, but they can leave residues in your washing machine.
  • For more info, read our useful laundry tips blog.

General questions

Do you have other colours?

We are a small boutique manufacturer, so currently we have a choice of white or our soft grey blue. 

You can contact us to let us know if you would like another colour to be featured in the future. You can view our product colours here.

What are the characteristics of SleepFROG's thread count?

SleepFROG has a thread count of an Australian/NZ standard 300 per 10 square centimetres, which is equivalent to the UK/USA thread count of 240.

The weave is made from single-ply, long staple, fully certified organic cotton yarn, which is a high quality, durable thread with a weighty feel. 

The yarn is woven in a regular square pattern with a warp and weft value of horizontal
and vertical threads called Percale.  A percale style weave makes durable, breathable fabric, making it a very popular choice for bed linen. You can read more about SleepFROG bed linen here

What thread count is best?

Thread count can be a deceptive indication of quality. Traditionally very high thread counts were seen as best, but high thread counts can be manipulating by splitting threads and using short fibres.

This can result in a lower quality sheet with a high thread count, or 2 x sheets with the same thread count having completely different properties.   You can also get high quality, high thread count sheets with lower breathability.

The maximum thread count with long staple single ply yarn is about 360 and we selected our SleepFROG 300/240 weave because it is a great weave for a good night’s sleep.  

What else should I consider apart from thread count?

The quality of the cotton is also important and whether you are sleeping on conventionally farmed cotton
which can contain residues from persistent chemical pesticides & fertiliser, or whether you select organic cotton.  Read more about organic versus conventional cotton here.

The best thing to do, is decide what feel you want from your bedding and select your sheets accordingly.

Our SleepFROG sheets are safe, hypoallergenic, cool, weighty and have a crisper feel that will gently soften over time. They will have a rumpled look after washing, which can be welcomed or eased our by ironing.

Custom Made

Can I order custom sizes?

Yes, you can order custom sized bed linen. We can make bed sheets or duvet covers for beds that are deeper or longer than our standard NZ sizes. 

Customers also order made-to-measure pillowcases for special pillows. Please contact us here with your inquiry.

How much does a custom make cost?

  • Made-to-measure standard shaped items are usually about $40- $50 extra depending on size.
  • Costs may be split over several items of the same pattern.
  • For irregular or unusually
    shaped items please ask us to quote. A photo of the shape will help. Contact us here

How long do made-to-measure items take?

Expect to wait of four to six weeks for your custom items.  This allows your one-off pattern making, manufacturing, checking and shipping.

Once your order is confirmed we will update you with an expected shipping date. 

To inquire about a custom item please contact us.

Need to ask something else?

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